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Zöld Kapu Vendéglő

Garden restaurant in Budapest, in the third district, in Óbuda.

Open: every day 11.30- 22.00

Phone: 00- 36- 1- 387- 70- 28.

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Jókai bean soup (Jókai bableves)

-Smoked meat, „csipetke” (tiny hungarian dumplings), on garlic roux, and sour cream


Bean Goulash (Babgulyás)

-Beef and smoked meats, „csipetke” cubed potatoes, carrot, and sour cream


Goulash soup (Bográcsgulyás)

-Beef, potatoes, carrot, and „csipetke”


Meat pot (Húsosfazék)

-Beef, green peas, carrot, and fine noodles



Almost ready made meals


Beef stew (Marhapörkölt)

-Served with potato „galuska” (dumplings)


Spaghetti Milan (Milánói spagetti)

-Ham, mushroom, grated cheese





Bakter style pork knuckle (Bakter csülök)

-French fries, roasted knuckles, grated cheese, sour cream, roasted meaty bacon


Becsei knuckle (Csülök Becsei módra)

-Roasted pork knuckle, meaty bacon, onion, liver, pepper, marjoram, served with French fries and rice 6600

Pékné knuckle (Csülök Pékné)

-Roasted pork knuckle, large onion slices, seasoned, roasted potato


Outlaw knuckle (Betyár csülök)

-Roasted pork knuckle, served with dill, mushroom, paprika, sour cream sauce,  „galuska” (dumplings) 6600

Torn knuckle (Tépett csülök)

-BBQ sauce, steamed long in seasoned jus, roasted, derved with French fries


Tóth knuckle (Tóth csülök)

-Toasted knuckle, served with sour cream, bacon, and cottage cheese strapachka


Breaded knuckle (Bundás csülök)

-We bone the knuckle, turn it in flour, beaten eggs, breadcrumbs, and deep-fat fry it, served with French fries 6600

Butcher’s knuckle (Mészáros csülök)

-Seasoned, roasted pork knuckle, toasted onion, pickle, smoaked clod cubed, pepper-mustard stew, mixed garnish 6600

Paleo knuckle (Paleo csülök)

-Roasted and seasoned knuckle, served with roasted vegetables 6600

Hellish knuckle (Ördöngös csülök)

-Long steamed, pan cooked, with spicy sauce, served with French fries 6600

Breaded goods


Pork Wiener schnitzel (Bécsi szűz)

-Served with French fries 5500

Outlaw chop (Betyárborda)

-Pork chop stuffed with smoaked sausage, cheese, onion and cheese, fried in breadcrumbs, served with mixed garnishes 5500

Green Door cut (Zöld kapu szelet)

-Pork chop filled with sausage, ham, and cheese, breaded, and served Spaghetti Milan 5500

Pullet breast fillet (Jérce mellfilé rántva)

-fried with breadcrumbs, served with rice and green peas 5500

Pork chop (Rántott szelet)

-Fried with breadcrumbs, served with French fries 5500

Stuffed Italian (Olasz töltike)

-Pork chop stuffed with smoaked clod, and cheese, fried, served with Spaghetti Milan and grated cheese 5500

Fried cheese (Rántott sajt)

-Cheese fried with breadcrumbs, served with french fries, rice, and tartar sauce


Cordon bleu chop (Cordon karaj)

-Served with rice and French fries 5500

Gomolya tenderloin (Gomolyás szűz)

-Tenderloin stuffed with Gomolya quark, fried, served with rice and French fries


Breaded camembert (Camembert bundában)

-Served with rice, blueberry jam or tartar sauce 4000


Gypsy’s Dinner From Galgamácsa Region (Galgamácsai cigánypecsenye)

-Roasted pork chop with lots of garlic and cock’s comb (special shaped fried bacon) garnished with French fries served on a wooden platter 5500

Beef steak (Bélszín zöldbors)

-With creamed green pepper sauce served with steak potato 7500

Pullet Kevi (Kevi jérce)

-Pullet breast fillet fried with bacon stripes topped with cheese, grilled and served with mixed garnishes 5500

Tenderloin In Shepherdess Style (Szűzpecsenye pásztorlány módra)

-Grilled tenderloin in dill sauce with cream, fried poultry liver, served with mixed garnishes 5500

Hell Stew (Pokoltokány)

-Roasted tenderloin stripes fried on bacon in a tomato-hot paprika-mustard hot sauce, served with steak potatoes on a wooden platter 7500

Holstein Tenderloin (Holstein hátszín)

-Fried tenderloin chop served with fried egg on top served with French fries 6000

The Crested Pullet (Búbos csibe)

-Pullet breast fillet roasted with bacon, covered with Camembert cheese, grilled and served with French fries 5500

Transylvanian Beef Steak Stew (Erdélyi bélszíntokány)

-Sliced fillet of beef stir fried with smoked sausages, onions, bacon, pickled gherkins stripes piled on French fries 7500

Cheesy tenderloin (Sajtos beles)

-Tenderloin with flavoured butter and cheddar cheese, served with French fries 7500

Braised Cutlets from Brassó – Transylvania (Brassói aprópecsenye)

-Tenderloin cutlets fried with black pepper and garlic served with steak potatoes 5500

Roasted Pullet Breast Fillet (Roston jérce vegyes köret)

-Served with mixed garnishes 5500




Classic Tenderloin (Klasszikus beles)

-Tenderloin with fried egg, served with French fries


Onion Tnederloin Roast (Hagymás rostélyos)

-Tenderloin with roasted onion rings, served with French fries


Pork Roast On Wooden Platter (Flekken fatányéron)

-Roasted pork chop with steak potato


Tenderloin Cutlets in Bakony Style (Bakonyi szűz)

-Tenderloin chops in whipping cream, mushroom and smoked bacon sauce served with “galuska” (dumplings)


Majordomo’s Choice (Hátszín Udvarmester)

-Roasted tenderloin chop with butter and herbs on top served with French fries


Anytime with a Pint


Beefsteak Tartar (Tatár beefsteak)

-From marinated tenderloin served with toast


Strapachka (Sztrapacsek)

-“Galuska” (dumplings), shhep’s cottage cheese, sour cream, bacon


Onion Tnederloin Roast (Hagymás rostélyos)

-Tenderloin with roasted onion rings, served with French fries 6000

Side Dishes


French fries


Grilled vegetables




Rice with green peas


Steak potato


Potato „galuska” (dumplings)



Sour sides, Salads


Hungarian style sour sides from Vecsés


Mixed salad in Roquefort and yoghurt dressing


Cucumber salad with vinegar 1000






The Calories


Csöngei style Cottage cheese dumplings (Csöngei túrógombóc)

-Rolled in breadcrumbs, sprinkled with sour cream, or cranberry sauce, strewn with pound sugar


Chestnut puree (Gesztenyepüré)

-Served with whipped cream





Breaded platter (Rántott tál)

-For 2 people, Fried cheese, Breaded Pullet Breast fillet, Breaded Pork Chop, served with French fries


For Beer drinkers (Sörivóknak való)

-For 4 people Pork roast, Breaded Pullet roast fillet, Pork tripe, Fried cheese, served with French fries, Tartar sauce, and steak potato


Plate Of Abundance (Bőségtál)

-For 4 people, Green Door cut, Pork roast, Breaded Pullet roast fillet, Outlaw Chop, served with mixed garnishes


- Small portion/ half serving / food split into two, per item / per serving / per plate We sell at a price of 70%.

- We charge 200 forint for packaging and 100 forint for soup boxes, even in case of takeaway.

- + Tableware 1000, HUF

- Cake service 500, HUF / person - Please let us know in advance if the group would like to pay separately